Cakes at CrocusReal Lives is now running Crocus Cafe in Lenton

Real Lives wanted a cafe to provide a safe and accessible space for our clients and employees for events, meetings and groups. We also wanted to support the local community and the wider population whilst promoting healthy affordable food, mental well being and supporting people from all walks of life.

We have a suspended meal and drink scheme where our customers often donate money for someone else to use in the form of drink or food, we also have people who provide money on a monthly basis to support this scheme. If you would like a suspended meal please come down and ask. 

The cafe can be a starting place for volunteers where they may develop their role in the cafe, gallery or admin/social networking and in some situations this may even lead to paid work as a PAL (peers and allies for living).

If you have any questions about the cafe, want to book a table or event or enquire about becoming a volunteer please contact or call 0115 950 5080


Who runs the Cafe? 

 This is Phoebe is the Chef and cafe manager.Phoebe cafe manager

Volunteers – The cafe is volunteer run which gives people the opportunity to develop their skills in the kitchen, hygiene standards, health and safety, front of house, waiting, making drinks and snacks and organising events. If you are a customer of the cafe please do remember that your food, drinks and service are provided by people who are giving their time free of charge and who may be developing their skills in certain areas.

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