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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Real Lives?

Real Lives deliver personalised support to people in Nottingham which is funded through personal budgets, direct payments, personal contributions or completely through the individual.

We have been successfully providing quality support since 2012 and are constantly reviewing our service and the best ways of working.

What client groups do Real Lives support?

We support people with mental health challenges and who are keen to move forward in their recovery.

We support people with learning disabilities who may not fit into many of the day services that are available.

We currently provide support to people from secure settings and forensic backgrounds.

Who does Real Lives employ?

We support people to get into employment by taking small manageable steps providing supervision and training and by matching them to a client where they can offer their skills and understanding.

We also employ qualified practitioners and experienced workers from health backgrounds.

How to get support from Real Lives?

Send in a referral form to us, we will then meet up with you in person. If we are all in agreement about how the support will look then we will find you a worker, payments will be set up, and we will bring your worker out to meet you. At this meeting we will make a wellness and safety plan to understand how best to support you. If everyone is happy support can go ahead.

How do I get funding?

If you think you could benefit from support you can be referred for an assessment by a member of your Health care team or you can ask for an assessment from the Nottingham City council Adult Contact Team. Alternatively you could self-fund a package of support.

What would an assessment for funding ask?

An assessment might ask about – the support you need, your daily routine, your communication, social life, your finances and the finances of those you live with, your health and the health of your informal carer, employment, education, how you stay safe in the community and at home, your skills and activities of daily living, what you want to change and what is important to you.

What other companies could support me?

If you would like to spend your budget on a personal assistant you can meet providers with your broker, carer, social work professional, health worker and ask them questions about what you want and how they can provide that service for you. You can then take your time to choose, once your decision is made the plan will need a final approval from the local authority to ensure it is cost effective, safe and meets your needs. Real Lives can also signpost to other organisations.

What is a personal contribution?

If you are being funded to have support then you will have a financial assessment from someone in your local authority, they will look at your incomings and outgoings and you may have to spend some of your PIP, DLA, or savings on your support. If you are in receipt of DLA or PIP this sort of support is what that benefit can be used for – something that supports your disability.

How are payments made to Real Lives?

If you want to be in control of the money you will need to set up a separate bank account for the money to be paid into and we will invoice you. Or you can have an appointee to manage the money for you. Or Real Lives can manage the money for you.

What if something goes wrong?

You should receive a 6 – 12 week review by your social worker to ensure the plan is working, then you will have reviews annually. You will always have a contact in a management role at Real Lives to discuss changes with, alternatively you can speak to a member of your healthcare team.

What if I want to leave?

You are not in a contract with Real Lives and can leave the support at any point, we would inform your social worker should this happen.


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