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Real Lives provides recovery focused social care packages of support for people in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire. We aim to work with the individual and their supporters to deliver person centred care holding our values at the heart of everything we do.

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Real Lives

Why Choose Real Lives?

Some of our credentials

  • We have successfully been delivering social care packages since 2012
  • Our directors and management team bring decades of experience working in the mental health field
  • Our staff team includes qualified practitioners and exceptionally experienced support workers
  • We work with you to meet your individual goals with a person centred and friendly approach
  • You will get to know a set of specific workers including a member of our senior team
  • We are keen to liaise with other services to provide seamless and safe support
  • Everyone in the team holds our values at the heart of every session and contact
  • We have an incredibly low staff turnover
  • We aim to ensure we know of each client and employee of Real Lives individually
  • We have a beautiful café and central Hub where clients, workers and customers are welcomed

CALL OUR OFFICE ON: 0115 941 7352


Testimonials from our clients
  • “Since joining Real Lives I feel a lot better, I can do things I couldn’t do before. I have been going to college which was a goal of mine and my PAL has helped me to do this. I get along with my PAL as we have stuff in common. I think it’s a flexible service that works around my needs.”
  • “I have changed since being with this service. I am much happier. Having a PAL has motivated me to do things & get out the flat. Attending cooking group at Real Lives has helped me learn how to cook healthier food for myself, make friends and socialise. I attended a trip to galleries of justice, it was brilliant and educating.”
  • “My time at Real Lives has been nurturing & helped me with my recovery. The service has helped me achieve my goals especially getting out the house. Now I attend piano and ice skating lessons which helps with my self-esteem. Real Lives has helped me gain confidence in myself and relieve anxieties that are detrimental to my health.”
  • “All my PALs have been really nice, so have all the team. I feel better every day. I’ve done that much, I don’t believe it’. All my PALS give me strength, support me and cheer me up. I’ve stayed well for a long time thanks for Real Lives.”
  • “Real Lives got me out in the community and encouraged my hobby of cooking with fresh produce. Spending more time to cook healthier meals than buying fast food. Real Lives gave me a space to exhibit my art work and supported me in my practice.”
  • “Art group is really good, it brings out my creativity and helps me learn new skills. I get to know different people in a relaxed environment. We all have a laugh and get to do group projects which I like.”
  • “Real Lives have helped me so much in such a short time. They are a great team who make you feel welcome from day one of working with them. Poppy along with other workers has helped me and connected with me in a way that no previous support workers have been able to do and I am very grateful for this. I have improved so much in myself and gained a lot of confidence since working with the service, they're a brilliant team who go out of the way to help and support you :) ”
  • “Thank you for supporting me for 2 1/2 years knowing that you saw me at my worst when I really didn't believe in myself and I felt completely broken by everything that happened in my life and you saw me - you saw beyond that and I felt normal - more able - more worthwhile as a result. THANK YOU - you have had faith in me - that has been a big factor in helping me get to this point - and I will always be grateful to you.”
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    Real lives: promoting recovery through personalisation and peer support

    A case study about Real Lives was written & published in the Mental Health and Social Inclusion Journal



    Visit Crocus Café: Now open at 18 Lenton Boulevard, Nottingham NG7 2ES

    Nottingham’s oldest community café, now run by Real Lives as a not-for-profit, acts as our hub in the heart of Lenton