Real Lives recruits several times a year and we will advertise if we are open to applicants on our website. Please get in touch if you are keen to apply.

What is a PAL?

We are a support agency and this role is placed in the care field. We provide supportive employment with a fantastic ethos and values base. A PAL role is a community support worker role and you would be expected to have the ability to carry that role out practically alongside our ethos. Further information about the Role and Requirements for becoming a PAL can be obtained by emailing

Why Peers and Allies for Living?

A peer is someone who with a similarity to others in that group, and an ally is someone on your side, who helps and supports, who may advocate and use their experience to guide the way.

We chose to call our support workers PALs (peers and allies for living) to reflect the emphasis we put on working alongside the people we support.

PALs use their varied and unique experience of being human to really empathise and understand the person they are supporting. It is incredibly important that when working as a PAL you are in a robust position to be able to help your client in their recovery journey where their needs and goals lead the way.

As a PAL you will be working 1:1 in the community, with a caseload of clients, support might include but certainly is not limited to; social inclusion activities, understanding and planning around wellness, form filling, correspondence and appointments, communication, signposting, meal planning and preparation, ways of coping, organising and cleaning.

How to Apply

Look out for when we are recruiting or show your interest and get in touch with us by emailing your CV along with a completed Application Form to


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