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What services can Real Lives offer?

Personal Support

Real Lives provides personal support to people in their homes and communities, it is funded by personal budgets, self directed support or by the individual privately.

Our hourly rate covers all insurance, DBS checks, training, supervision, payroll so the person receiving the service only has to worry about who they would like to support them. We have 3 costing levels:

Costing rate breakdown:

Basic rate 16.50 – This is a support package that required little background liaison and support, with a PAL who is rarely changed and can manage issues using their training and supervision, review could be as little as annually and could be carried out by the PAL. Co-ordinator is Head of Operations.

Standard rate 22.50 – All of the above, with either a senior PAL who will use their further experience and training to manage the package competently, or an additional named co-coordinator to provide extra support and supervision to the PAL, for a support package that is responsive to client changes and provides liaison with other agencies.

Enhanced rate 26.00 – All of the above, with additional input during management meeting from Head of operations and the Directors, close working with statutory services, support in specific areas such as medication management, physical health support, complex or specific work we are commissioned to do.

At the assessment we will discuss the support and make a decision with yourself and the social worker about what would be the best costing plan for the client to best be supported to reach their goals. We always endeavor to reduce costs down where appropriate and alert for assessment should costings need to be increased should circumstances change.


We run groups, projects and trips from £10 per session depending on the activity. Our current clients will be offered these opportunities to support them to meet other people, increase skills and experience different activities. New clients can be referred to access these activities on a term or annual basis.


Real Lives can offer bespoke mental health awareness training packages for your company or team. We focus on valuing people, recovery and wellness planning, identifying triggers and patterns, increasing skills and independence. We can also provide the care certificate training, peer support training, group work training and mental health first aid. Please get in touch to access our ongoing programme or develop something bespoke.

OT Assessments

We have a team of qualified Occupational Therapists who can assess individuals on their skills around independence and provide recommendations, treatments plans or support workers to implement ways of working to enable the individual to reach their goals. This can be incorporated into a support plan with Real Lives or purchased as a one off service elsewhere.

Support with Employers and Employees

It is important for companies to work with people who may experience mental health challenges in a safe and supportive way that works to their potential. We can offer practical guidance around retaining employment, making reasonable adjustments at work and wellness planning at work.

Volunteering Programme

In our cafe and gallery there are many volunteering opportunities, we will provide you with a supportive environment to become familiar with the role, we are keen to get to know individuals during this phase and utilise their unique skills and experience to develop their volunteer role within our community hub. You will be supported to work through various tasks and develop your responsibility and skills and hopefully we can support you to move forward in your work life with a reference and experience.


We are QuickBooks Pro Advisors. We work extremely hard to ensure our accounting systems are robust and transparent.

Managed Account Service

We offer a managed accounts service if you are receiving support from us, we charge an annual fee of £120. We have a separate bank account for the managed budgets and we ensure that all payments and transactions are individually recorded.

Room Hire

Real Lives and Crocus Café offer hire of our Training Room and our Café.
Please click to visit our café website for more information


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